"Monday Night Football"

watching the vikes get shellacked by chicago,
favre knocked out in the second period,
probably his last game –
he had a good long run.

at the same time
reading some of the Beats,
corso, lew welch, whalen, snyder,
even a little kerouac,
especially during the commercials.

welch, especially, is a revelation.
god i loved him in the sixties.
he's no less wonderful now,
tho i myself am in my sixties.

"Sausalito Trash Prayer"
"Song of the Turkey Buzzard"
" [The Image as in a Hexagram]"
"[The Empress Herself Served Tea to Su Tung-po,]" -
all big faves, all still delightful.

but it is "[I Saw Myself]" that is the masterpiece.
"ring of bone" - how many of us
will have that exact golden moment?
how many of us will continue to long for that one small event
that stretches out throughout the rest of our lives
and into eternity?

its the 4th quarter now.
favre is still out, the rookie joe webb is in the game.
we look kinda hopeless – even the defense seems lost.
when the bears win it guarantees them the division title
and makes the packers' dilemma that much harder,
thank god.

tomorrow i will wake up around 6,
eat, check my email, meditate.
then i'll go out into the cold winter wind
and shovel snow under the deep, bright blue sky.

and i will be quite happy.

may all beings know peace.
may all beings find awakening.

december 10, 2010


© douglas padilla