2 Janis Stories I Think Happened Maybe


1967. i'm twenty years old and living in san francisco. It's sunday and the "summer of love" and i'm a wandering hippie. my buddy says that we should walk over to golden gate park to "hippie hill", the spot where all the hippies would hang out and smoke dope and play in the sun. we get there and the grateful dead are playing a free concert. so we get stoned and stick around. then, garcia sez: "janis, janis, come on up on stage and sing with us!" so janis joplin gets up on stage and sings a song or two with the dead that day. at least i think that happened…


It’s 1968 and it’s a cold and rainy san francisco winter night. a friend has a party for us to go to. we get there and go into a bedroom to put our coats on the bed. i snoop around, cause I’m from minnesota and we’re snoopers. i notice that all the photos have janis Joplin in them - janis and various other folks, some of who look like family. then, it dawns on me, “I’m in janis joplin’s bedroom”. I stay at the party til 3 or 4 am. janis never shows up. (© Douglas Padilla)