Art jones gallery

Art Jones Gallery was one of the very first "pop-up" galleries in Minnesota. It's was born in the early nineties and lodged itself for short periods in warehouse spaces and storefronts across northeast and south Minneapolis. One of it's big hits was "Nuestra Frida", Grupo Soap del Corazon's response to the Walker Art Center's Frida Kahlo show (Art Jones Gallery produced the show: see below"). Another was an installation solo show by photographer/sculptor/painter/film maker Mark Wojahn. And, of course, there was the ever popular exhibit "Art Jone's Greatest Hits, a compendium of great work by great local artists such as Frank Gaard and Melissa Stang that happened in the Ancient Traders Market building on East Franklin Avenue.



Art Jones Gallery rose from the netherlands whenever the gods called down to this world and solicited help amongst mortals in re-enchanting the world. Future shows might include a solo show of Chilean artist Amaru, an international invitational postcard group show entitled "Erotica, Politica, Mystica", a solo show of the Mexican artists Los Hermanos Flores, another group show called "A Long Short History of Funk in Minnesota" centered around old art amigos Dick Brewer, Al Wadzinski, W.C. Wormley, and Dougie Padilla, and a one photo exhibit by Syrian artist Osama Esid. (Art Jones Gallery is currently in hiatus. It may reocurr in Pepin, WI.)



luna brava press

publishing the poetry of dougie padilla and god knows who else in the “it could happen” future…


salon artisimo

Salon Artisimo was an ongoing/occasional artist salon originated in the early nineties and directed by dougie padilla. It happened 6 or 7 times a year - and sometimes it went a year or two without occurring. The number of participants numbered anywhere from 20 to 120 folks. Centered around a performance event, a panel discussion, an art critique, a lecture or such, the salon was a forum for creative conversation amongst arts and culture workers. Amongst other subjects, there was a rather argumentative panel discussion of Joseph Beuys, a performance/lecture about noise music, "The Pleasures of the Minor Key" - a performance and discussion of Eastern European folk music, and a panel discussion centered around Frida Kahlo (as part of Grupo Soap del Corazón's exhibit "Nuestra Frida"). Salon Artisimo has been on hiatus since 2013.