No cake for you

Doug Padilla's shindig Saturday night will have all the usual hoopla that party animals

expect from the Minneapolis artist's extravaganzas -- 80-some paintings, dancers,

choreographers, scenesters, fashionistas and assorted hangers-on. But despite its billing

as "Dougieland 60," there will be no birthday cake. "I turned 60 a year and a half ago,"

Padilla said during a break from pounding nails. "It took me three or four years to do it. I

got morose and did the whole turning-60-cliché thing, but now I'm a happy man." That

shows in the "completely new direction" of his art: "There's a Norwegian in me screaming

to get out," he said. As for the party at California Gallery (7-11 p.m. Sat., 2205 NE.

California St.), "I've been encouraging eccentric behavior. I just miss the '80s and the '60s,

when people came to art openings in their own costumes, dressed up or down. I'm

expecting 700."


Minneapolis Star-Tribune