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16/16 Casa Magica - 16 Years of Grupo Soap del Corazon

To celebrate its 16th year Grupo Soap del Corazon is teaming with Franconia Sculpture Park in the City (at the Casket Arts complex) to do an exhibition opening September 8th. The show will be called "16/16 (Casa Magica)”.  “16/16” because its our sixteenth year and it’s 2016. “Casa Magica” because we are considering the notions that: 1) a gallery is a “house of magic”, of magical goings on; 2) we make art as a way to explore magic with ourselves - within our own psyches; 3) we make art as a way to create a magical experience for others.

Exhibition artists include Amaru (Marcela Rodriguez Aguilar), Jim Denomi, Michael Masaru Flora, Dougie Padilla, Lela Pierce, Wayne Potratz, Erica Spitzer Rasmussen, Xavier Tavera, Savita Bettaglio.

The location is 1781 Jefferson St. NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55413