Salon Artisimo was an ongoing/occasional artist salon originated in the early nineties and directed by dougie padilla. It happened 6 or 7 times a year - and sometimes it went a year or two without occurring. The number of participants numbered anywhere from 20 to 120 folks. Centered around a performance event, a panel discussion, an art critique, a lecture or such, the salon was a forum for creative conversation amongst arts and culture workers. Amongst other subjects, there was a rather argumentative panel discussion of Joseph Beuys, a performance/lecture about noise music, "The Pleasures of the Minor Key" - a performance and discussion of Eastern European folk music, and a panel discussion centered around Frida Kahlo (as part of Grupo Soap del Corazón's exhibit "Nuestra Frida"). Salon Artisimo has been on hiatus since 2013.